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From: Jennifer Brady (
Sat Sep 11 18:55:08 2010

yes I deal with the same thing. I have adhesions attatched to ovary, tube, intestines, abdominal wall, and pelvic floor. After I had my ovary removed last year I have had some relief, and can now have days or weeks of no pain. As long as I dont move wrong or sneeze I can stay out of pain. Unless it's the intestinal pain. that feels like my insides are on fire. Horrible pain for days in a row I had somekind of a flare up before my surgery and lost a total of thirty pounds. I'm a small woman so i was down to 99 pounds and scared to death. I had surgery and started making my own chicken broths so that I could get some actual nutrition. It did help to cut out dairy and greesy foods. Even though I love them I try to stay healthy and out of pain by watching what I eat. Good luck and stay strong

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> I'm the same way dear suffering friends!  Many surgeries to remove bowel
> obstructions.  I have had a complete colectomy ( removed large intestine)
> trying to get some relief.  Sorry to say that adhesions will grow and
adhere > to anything they can attach to.  I go to a pain clinic for meds. and
trigger > point injections.  I do get a little relief from that type of Dr.  Good
luck > and hang on!!!
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