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I have to drive 150 miles to my dr. but it is well worth it.  I had a pain pump installed at a university hospital.  It doesn't work as well as I expected but at least it was another option.

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I haven't been able to find a pain doc in my area that specializes in adhesions. Wish that I could though, as maybe they would understand better our problem. See if your family doc will refer u to a pain clinic that u choose. The one that I have seen doesn't specialize in pelvic pain or adhesions but he took me based on the referral of my gyno. Mine is retiring, which is scary, so now I have to find a new one and the two that have been recommended to me are 3 and 5 hours away, one way! Not sure what I'm going to do yet.

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I found one specialist who deals with adhesions and they told me on the phone they use injections in the belly but do not prescribe long term narcotics.  I am beyond frustrated.  I don't want to live on pain killers but without them I can't even cope with the day and my primary care doctor gives me very little and I basically have to fight her to even get them.  I always run out before they are due again and even with them I have many days that I can't get out of bed.  Has anyone ever had stomach injections for pain? How do you get pain killers? I can't understand how some people on here are on pumps for pain and I can't get a few pills just to manage a semi normal life.

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