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Sounds to me like you need to get referred to a GOOD pain management specialist.  Keep trying and don't give up.  You have to get a thick skin and stand up for your rights.  Hang in there and stand up for yourself.

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Kimberly: Don't throw in the towel sweetie.  Give their procedures a try.  I get injections and they help.  I've moved up to Radio Frequency Ablation.  If these procedures do not take away your pain (and they only get mine to a level that the pain killers work) you will need to get pain killers.  And you should get some on your first visit.  Be prepared.  Get a copy of your medical records.  Adhesions are next to impossible to detect.  You will need your records to show that you do. (I had to get a needle biopsy on mine for my paid doc.)

As you are a new patient, they may have told you that they don't do long term opiates to discourage those patients who are drug seekers.  They may give you long term meds.  But you won't know the truth until you go. If they won't give you the needed pain relief, you will need a referral to a doctor who will.  Your pain management doc or your family doc can do this.  But do give this doctor a try.

Please keep us updated.


At Wed, 2 Jun 2010, Kimberly wrote: > >I found one specialist who deals with adhesions and they told me on the >phone they use injections in the belly but do not prescribe long term >narcotics.  I am beyond frustrated.  I don't want to live on pain >killers but without them I can't even cope with the day and my primary >care doctor gives me very little and I basically have to fight her to >even get them.  I always run out before they are due again and even with >them I have many days that I can't get out of bed.  Has anyone ever had >stomach injections for pain? How do you get pain killers? I can't >understand how some people on here are on pumps for pain and I can't get >a few pills just to manage a semi normal life.

Sara in Denton

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