Another Partial Obstruction

From: angela (
Tue Jun 15 22:42:20 2010

I really need to vent, I have been having partial obstructions on & off for the last 6 weeks or so but the pain became unbearable last week.I was hospitalized for 5 days given IV fluids, pain meds & bowel rest(nothing by mouth). Once again, the Physicians will not admit adhesions are the cause of the bowel obstructions or for the kinking & dilation of my intestines.I was diagnosed with adhesions over 20 years ago because of a ruptured appendix. I am uninsured & literally sinking in medical debt.I have not worked in over a year because of this disease & have applied for SSDI but have to appeal the denial decision.I have contacted a facility in Florida but because I am uninsured the facility is expecting me to pay $50,000.00 that does not include physician,anesthesiologist,misc fees only the actual hospital fees & the facility will not accept any payment arrangements.So,it appears only those who are fortunate to financially be able to afford medical care should be allowed treatment at this prestigious facility known for effective treatment of ARD & prevent further regrowth of adhesions!I by no means expect free care but I expect the right to be able to have payment arrangements.All I want is to be well again, pain free,debt free,return back to my previous profession. I am not asking for any more or less that is my American right.Why is it that physicians will give their time & free specialized services to treat those who live in other countries? There are those of us who need medical care & treatment right here in the USA!!!!!! Why isn't ARD reconized as a true medical illness that ravocs hell on ones body? I just know that I am in need of help!

I am allergic to PCN,sulfa,levaquin,IV-contrast dyes & have seasonal allergies.So there may be some correllation? Oh yeah I am allergic to nickel as well.

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