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I had a pump placed in June and am still having adjustments done.  I live 200 miles from dr. so I don't go but every two months now.  I am hoping to get to a level of comfort.  The good thing is that they use much less pain medicine and it goes straight to the spinal cord, so there is way less side effects. you can go to and find out more on the pain pumps. Kelly

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> >Hi - I was referred to this site by a "friend" at the UOA site, and am
> >glad I was! :) I am looking for information on intrathecal pumps (APT by
> >Medtronic) - I am looking into this as an option to relieve my abdominal
> >pain caused by adhesions from numerous (7 or 8) surgeries. (colon
> >cancer)
> >
> >Any help or info any of you may have would be greatly appreciated - I go
> >in for my trial on Oct 30th.
> >
> >Thank you!
> Samantha
> My husband is going to have a pump placed on 11/20 there is not alot of
> research on pain relief from adhesions his MD knows of only 1 pt who has
> utilized it but that 1 pt has relief i will let you know how it goes you
> can email us directly if you wish.
> Beth
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