Re: Adhesion Surgery

From: Genyfer Spark (
Sat Nov 14 15:03:27 2009

Where did you have your surgery? That is horrible that your pain is back, as when it is gone there is so much hope we have been set free, and when it comes back, its like I can't believe this is happening again. Did they use a barrier? I had a surgery with Dr. K just less than three weeks ago. My surgery in Australia was very successful for about 8-9 years i was pain free! But as I wrote Dr. K found endometriosis that my surgery on Aug 19, 2009 did not find nor the surgery in Australia in 1999. I am starting to believe CO2 is really bad, as in Australia they did not use this on me and in Germany they did not use this and when I had surgery in 1999 in Australia they did not have a barrier yet it lasted almost a decade.

I totally feel your frustration and am so sorry to hear your pain is back, as when I had surgery in Australia, and felt so great I never thought I would ever deal with it again as it was gone, and I literally had no idea as to the pain and suffering so many go through as a result of adhesions even after surgery. I was very uneducated about the whole thing and never knew until the last year what a freakin evil ordeal this all is for so many. My eyes have been open like never before as to the pain and suffering so many endure and how so many have literally lived out of a hospital for a greater part of their lives.

At Wed, 11 Nov 2009, Olivia wrote: >
>I had sugery to remove adhesions in July of 2009. It is now November
>and the chronic pain that required me to have surgery is back.
>Has anyone else had surgery to treat adhesions only to suffer from the
>same horrible pain a few months after the surgery?

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