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You may want to do a lot of research about the Intrathecal pump before making a decision to get one. I've had two pain specialists who wanted me to try one but I read a lot of bad things about the leads that are placed around the spinal cord, such as, infection, corrosion, paralysis. Although this may be rare, I wasn't willing to take a chance. It's a foreign object and some people's body rejects them. My pain is also in my abdomen. I'm stuck together like glue and in a lot of pain. I'm seriously going to Dr. Gerhart, Doctor, Scrantion, Pa who does laparascopic adhesiolysis using a "spraygel" barrier.

In the past, I had the morphine pump and after exhausting the highest doses of morphine and other meds, I decided to have it removed. I had to take pain meds by mouth for breakthrough pain. One has to go into the doctor's office to get it adjusted a lot. I even had periods when it wasn't working and I was in excrutiating pain.

The medronic device(s) set off alarms at airports and other security points.

After having the pump removed, I was left with scar tissue where the pump was located and a sunken place where the leads were placed by my spinal cord.

The Intrathecal pump stimulates the nerve endings around the spine. You may

want to try a good Tens Unit but do not stick the pads on the spine .... follow the directions and any warnings for its use. One should never wear one when driving because a jolt of too much stimulation could cause one to wreck if they're driving.

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>>Hi - I was referred to this site by a "friend" at the UOA site, and am
>>glad I was! :) I am looking for information on intrathecal pumps (APT by
>>Medtronic) - I am looking into this as an option to relieve my abdominal
>>pain caused by adhesions from numerous (7 or 8) surgeries. (colon
>>Any help or info any of you may have would be greatly appreciated - I go
>>in for my trial on Oct 30th.
>>Thank you!
> Samantha
> My husband is going to have a pump placed on 11/20 there is not alot of
> research on pain relief from adhesions his MD knows of only 1 pt who has
> utilized it but that 1 pt has relief i will let you know how it goes you
> can email us directly if you wish.
> Beth
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