Re: intrathecal pump

From: beth g (
Wed Nov 11 19:27:45 2009

At Fri, 19 Oct 2001, Samantha wrote: >
>Hi - I was referred to this site by a "friend" at the UOA site, and am
>glad I was! :) I am looking for information on intrathecal pumps (APT by
>Medtronic) - I am looking into this as an option to relieve my abdominal
>pain caused by adhesions from numerous (7 or 8) surgeries. (colon
>Any help or info any of you may have would be greatly appreciated - I go
>in for my trial on Oct 30th.
>Thank you!


My husband is going to have a pump placed on 11/20 there is not alot of research on pain relief from adhesions his MD knows of only 1 pt who has utilized it but that 1 pt has relief i will let you know how it goes you can email us directly if you wish.


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