Re: In Germany at Klinik AM Zuckerberg just had first surgery

From: Rose (
Mon Nov 2 21:42:03 2009

At Thu, 22 Oct 2009, Genyfer Spark wrote: >
>Hi All:
>I am sitting in the cafe on the ground level of the above facility as I
>write this too you. It is less than a day after my surgery with Doctor
>Daniel Kruschinski. I could not belive how good I felt after my surgery
>which took place yesterday at 1PM. The fact I can write this email is a
>testimony to that. My surgery in the states back in August left me in
>so much pain I could not walk or even pee without pushing on my bladder.
>I needed painkillers every couple of hours, pain in my shoulders you
>name it. Well guess what I have not needed a pain killer since my
>surgery, even the surgery does not hurt just a little pain at the
>incision site but that is it. This just shows me how that CO2 the usa
>uses is so lethal. I had a surgery on August 19 this year in the usa
>california to be exact, where I felt worse and more sick than ever. Dr.
>K said, he found adhesions all around my appendix area. Therefore the
>serafilm and surgery in two months ago in August was a waste of time,
>money and caused damage as opposed to making me well. There's a reason
>why usa doctors talk you out of having surgery, that is because most of
>them don't know what they are doing and secondly their success rate is
>really low. I feel after this surgery in Germany the same as I did when
>I had my first adhesion removal surgery in Australia 10 years ago, it
>lasted 10 years with no pain and spray gel was not available then. Had
>I stayed and not ventured out to europe I would be bed ridden and
>probably commit suicide, therefore in killing myself the value of my
>life is worth less than 15,000 US.
>This cost is nothing compared to being free from this disease, I just
>hope to be pain free for a long time and the second look shows complete
>removal and i can go back to living my life. I know this is not for
>everyone and there are good doctors in the USA, but being Australian and
>having a good procedure there then relocating to the USA to feel like a
>piece of meat and not taken seriously. I chose to go back to my
>european roots. Germany is 12 hours while Australia my home town perth
>is almost 18 plus hours. I asked Dr. K why is it that Spray Gel is
>made and owned in the USA and yet is not FDA approved. As this blew my
>mind that such a crazy fact exists, how can the usa own and create and
>yet not use in their own country. He said, the doctors in the USA don't
>know how to use it and when they have applied it not knowing how to use
>it. The doctors have caused malpractice therefore the FDA wont approve
>due to the problems of not applying correctly. Come on USA start
>training your doctors to use this product and not make it a misery for
>all who suffer and do not have the product available because you can't
>do the job. The medical practices act needs a huge make over along with
>everything else with the usa medical system. There is only one God, and
>for you doctors that think you are God I suggest you pray to God to get
>rid of your massive egos.

Hello Genyfer,

I am truly happy for you that you chose to go back to your "European roots"! It just shows how Europe is ahead in the medical field, meaning the "MEDICAL EGO"... I am from Canada (No 1 Multicultural Society), though Health Canada does EXACTLY what the FDA wants.

My new life started right after my adhesion surgery with Dr. K. It has been 5 months since and I refuse to think mentally of my "past 15 yrs of Hell". Visiting Doctors after Doctors (surgeons/specialists/MD's/ND's/homeopaths/ayurvedic etc....etc...). Had gone to the end of the world to find any possible help...


Often we say that we learned from our mistakes. Now it is time to help others NOT TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES as we have made.

Bravo to you to detail your recovery and your feelings:

"Had I stayed and not ventured out to Europe I would be bed ridden and probably commit suicide, therefore in killing myself the value of my life is worth less than 15,000 US".

The only thing I would say today: 15,000 US $ is WORTH PENNIES for my family.....


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