I Can't Believe It

From: Alta (racostew@yahoo.com)
Mon Oct 19 19:46:28 2009


Today I had my first appointment with my new GP. I always hate this. It's a gamble finding a doctor who believes in or treats adhesions, in my experience. I explained to her my history and went over my medications. Then I had to ask for a refill of meds. Because of a mix up with my husbands insurance we just got our insurance activated, one month late. This meant I was close to being out of meds. To my huge surprise, she agreed. (Previously I've had GP's not wanting to fill pain meds.) She also was great about referring me out to pain management, physical therapy and gyno. I am still shocked. I am passing this along because there are still good doctors out there.

I have a question for all of you if you mind, what meds are you on and are they helping? I am on 30 mg of time released morphine three times a day with 4 hydrocodone a day for break through. I am not happy with the morphine, it just doesn't seem to be working. I am just trying to get some infor for when I go see the pain management.

Thanks everyone! Have a great week! Alta

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