Re: Severe Adhesions in abdomen and Organs have moved from

From: Lis:- (
Mon Oct 19 19:51:02 2009

Dr.Redan is regarded as the best in his field and will operate on those who no other surgeon will attempt. If you to to Youtube and type in his name, you will find that he has been interviewed on medical shows, etc. PLEASE tell your sister that there is hope with this great surgeon. Even in the event that he would have to do an open surgery, he is STILL the best there is and would only do so if he felt she was in danger. He will be honest about prognosis and works with his patients to maintain an all around health plan. In my prayers, L:-)

At Sun, 18 Oct 2009, Linda wrote: >
>Hi! My sister had some abdomen surgerys more than 20 years ago,
>she is 40 years old. Recently she has been having severe abdomen
>pain. She went to her doctor for a evaluation. Upon a ultrasound
>of the abdomen and some other test, the doctor told my sister
>that she has adhesions in her abdomen, and that all her abdomen
>organs have moved from its original position. The doctor also
>mentioned that she could never have abdomen surgery, because of
>the severity and movement of organs, it can be fatal. She
>went to another doctor for a second opinion and he highly
>agreed with the first doctor. She went to a third doctor
>and he admited her in the hospital for a week.
>Some series of test were performed and it confirmed the same.
>Because of all the organs shifting and the severity of scar tissue
>she is not operable. The doctor mentioned that one of the
>bypasses in her abdomen is full of stones and she has a mass
>on her pancrea. The only way to find out what the mass is,
>is doing an exploratory under surgery. But he mentioned that
>she cannot have surgery. Do you know a doctor, hospital
>that have experience in this type of conditions.

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