Re: adhesions after abdominal hysterectomy with bladder damage

From: michele (
Mon Oct 19 19:45:40 2009

At Mon, 12 Oct 2009, Rose wrote: >
>almost 5 months ago i ahd an abdominal hysterectomy(cervix and uterus
>removed) i had scar tissue on my bladder that connected to my uterus,my
>bladder was cut(bladder damage) i healed from it,last weak i went to go
>and have my ovary's removed(belly button surgery) i had cyst's anyways
>was told when i awoke that the surgery was a fail cuz the doc said i had
>extensive lysis adhesion's and it was so bad that she could not see my
>left ovary and told me it was on my bowels as well,and i have to have my
>abdomen cut back open to get my ovary's out(i also have scar tissue on
>my bladder again)i'm a little worried about the surgery due to
>risk's(being cut where i am not suppose to)has this ever happend to
>anyone?now i have notice my abdomen hurts when i do #2 and if there is
>any activity in my intestines (#2 or gas) like bad cramps is this cuased
>by the scar tissues? i go on 10/21/09 to see the doc about the surgery.

rose, my story is similar, and your questions about bad cramps and gas, yes, scar tissue. After 4 surgeries, more and more and more develop. I was at the point where nothing would push thru, did so many studies on me, adhesions were to blame and always are. Have developed other disorder of intestines now, and would never have another surgery. Ask ur doc about meds, they are available for the cramping and pain. Have helped me tremendously. The damage is already done on me, but when they already know you are filled with adhesions, your on a tricky path. Be careful, and remember, whenever they cut an adhesions, they usually will come back with a vengence.

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