adhesions after abdominal hysterectomy with bladder damage

From: Rose (
Mon Oct 12 20:03:31 2009

almost 5 months ago i ahd an abdominal hysterectomy(cervix and uterus removed) i had scar tissue on my bladder that connected to my uterus,my bladder was cut(bladder damage) i healed from it,last weak i went to go and have my ovary's removed(belly button surgery) i had cyst's anyways was told when i awoke that the surgery was a fail cuz the doc said i had extensive lysis adhesion's and it was so bad that she could not see my left ovary and told me it was on my bowels as well,and i have to have my abdomen cut back open to get my ovary's out(i also have scar tissue on my bladder again)i'm a little worried about the surgery due to risk's(being cut where i am not suppose to)has this ever happend to anyone?now i have notice my abdomen hurts when i do #2 and if there is any activity in my intestines (#2 or gas) like bad cramps is this cuased by the scar tissues? i go on 10/21/09 to see the doc about the surgery.

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