Re: Help! Requesting doctor in central FL

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Fri Oct 16 17:19:34 2009

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>Kimberly Watkins,
>There is a doctor in Celebration Florida he practices out of Celebration
Hospital his name is Dr. Redan you can go on his website: I am trying to get in to see him now, just waiting on my surgeon to send my medical records to them and get a appt but if you go on the website and register they will send you a packet to fill out so you can get in to see him. I hear, from this website, that he is really good with adhesion situations - he specializes in it which is the first doctor that i have heard of that specializes in adhesions - how great is that...dont know if this is any help for you but i know me - im willing to do the 4 hour drive. i live in sarasota, florida and cant wait to go see him. >
>good luck
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Dr Redan Is good I traveld from South Carolina and had a great experience and out come so far Dont know about his insurance but if you contact capps they can give you all the info his info is attached to this site Fla Hospital He accepts your case and he is very caring and attentive Good Luck

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