Help! Requesting doctor in central FL

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Hi Sue, I also live in Bradenton/Sarasota and made the trek to Celebration for treatment. I am one of the lucky ones that rec'd successful treatment from Dr. Redan and Dr. McCarus. I travel there for all specialists needed by my family and I continue there with my gyn care. It's worth it! Best of luck to you...Dr. Redan is great. Sincerely, Sarah At Sun, 11 Oct 2009, wrote: >
>Kimberly Watkins,
>There is a doctor in Celebration Florida he practices out of Celebration
Hospital his name is Dr. Redan you can go on his website: I am trying to get in to see him now, just waiting on my surgeon to send my medical records to them and get a appt but if you go on the website and register they will send you a packet to fill out so you can get in to see him. I hear, from this website, that he is really good with adhesion situations - he specializes in it which is the first doctor that i have heard of that specializes in adhesions - how great is that...dont know if this is any help for you but i know me - im willing to do the 4 hour drive. i live in sarasota, florida and cant wait to go see him. >
>good luck
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>I am new to the adhesions site but, I have been?suffering with adhesions
>since 2004. I am looking for a specialist that?can help me, that excepts
>medicaid and that is in the Central Florida Area. If you have any
>information pleae forward it to me.
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