SprayGel and SprayShield used in Europe

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Surgery is a very short term answer.  I have had 3 adhesion surgeries.  1 from Redan and one in Germany with Spray Gel.  I am back to square one.9I did have to havemy Gallbladder out a few months after I went to Germany) I had a pain pump put in in May.  They are still adjusting the dose. The Morphone goes straight to the spinal cord, so it doesn't go to the brain. My opinion is that if you are going to have surgery, go to one of the doc's that specialize in adhesions. It doesn't guarantee that you won't get them back but it's better then going to just anyone.  There are people that went to Germany that feel great and others that it didn't work for. Exercise does help me.  I try to go 3 times a week and stay active.  Of course there are days that I can't tolerate and I want to go have surgery again but I know that it probably won't last for long. Kelly

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> Cheryl,
> I understand everything you told us here. For oh so many years up to a
year > ago
> that was me too. Have you been able to see a surgeon who is working in
this >
> area? Sometimes a trip to the ER can be helpful in that you can at least
> get
> some IV fluids into you. They are upsetting as far as being able to help
> and
> the attitude I always got (mainly I think, because they were frustrated at
> not
> being able to do anything)....but my benefits had nothing to do with the
bad >
> attitude on their part....I required fluids and then left.
> Donna

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