Re: Triggers.

From: linda (
Thu Sep 24 20:09:41 2009

Hi Cheryl,

The morphine (Fentanyl) patch helps but one must build up to a dose that helps. However, after awhile one becomes immune to it and has to try something different. When I had the morphine pump, the doctor put several different meds in it at once. I would get drowsy sometimes but at least I got relief. I exhausted all the medications to the highest dose and decided

to get it removed. Marinol is made from marijuana (which I believe should be legalized especially for medical reasons) but is only prescribed for terminal cancer patients. There's a sucker form but again, only for terminal patients. I feel like I'm slowly dying from pain. I read this on a

website "My doc put me on a fentanyl sucker called "Actiq", ... pain from my

tailbone. it lasted 3 weeks and had to due with swelling from surgery" Apparently some doctor's prescribe it to their patient's for other reasons than cancer. We need to try find a way to get this legally.

By the way, the doctor who gave me trigger shots in the spinal area, would not give me any in the abdomen. He said it could puncture one's bowels. Also, there is always a danger in becoming paralyzed with trigger shots. They never helped me and the shots were soooo painful!

Life is for living it to its fullest, not one day at a time in so much pain we can bearly endure.

Let me know if you find a means to getting rid of pain or at least reducing it significantly.

Take care and God Bless.

Linda, Jax, FL

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> From: [] On Behalf > Of > HERB F DIXON > Sent: Saturday, September 19, 2009 1:56 PM > To: > Subject: Re: Triggers. > > Hi Linda, I am sorry for all the pain that you go through and are caused > by > adhesions. It is so amazing that when someone writes a story that we all > can > identify with something in that letter they send. I just went through my > worst episode ever. If I ever have that strength and depth of unrelenting > pain again, I am very afraid of what I might do. I don't know much about > Trigger shots. I had Intercostal Nerve Blocks where shots were injected > into > my back which were somehow attached to the nerve's in my abdomen, and left > me numb. Not pain free just "uncomfortably numb". ( Good old Pink Floyd ) > Trying to walk was a joke. The pain was less than normal, but when the > injection wore off, the pain just flooded my abdomen again. At one time my > Gastro gave me an injection in my abdomen about 2 1/2 inches to the left > of > my belly button, and 3 inches up from there. OMG that was excruciating. It > was a Kevlar shot. I would give anything for a shot that would totally > numb > you during the horrible pain we endure. On Wed. when I was sooo bad I > didn't > go to the E.R. for the simple fact we didn't think they could do anything > for me. I told my husband that if nothing else, maybe I would get put on > something stronger so I could deal with the pain. I sobbed and writhed in > pain back and forth all afternoon. Just because I drove our older GMC PU > that the driver's door is hard to close. every time I slammed it closed, > it ripped and tore at me more and more. Then the pain just came rolling in

> like waves of contractions. This is not fair.

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