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Yes, I've had surgery with him twice but the adhesions returned and I'm still in excrutiating pain. Dr. Redan is very experienced in removing adhesions; however, regardless of how the surgery is done (open or laparascopic) adhesions can return. If a barrier is used to prevent adhesions, this may be the answer. At least it has been the answer for some.

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>>Has anyone seen Dr. Redan in Orlando, FL? If so, Please give me some
>>input! Also has any one has spray shield?
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> Missy I have used Dr Redan in Orlando and it was well worth the trip. He
> is
> not only a good surgeon but he is easy to talk to and listens and the team
> at CAPPS is great.
> I have had many surgerys over the years but I had surgery with him a year
> ago and I have been doing great.
> He uses adhesive barriers and works over seas on the other methods . I
> have
> talk to many who have used him and they all have had great thing to say.
> There is a link on this web site to CAPS and FLa hospital they will
> connect
> you with any type of additional help as needed.
> at least take a look at them before decided.

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