Re: SprayGel and SprayShield used in Europe

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Thu Sep 24 20:10:28 2009

I believe Dr. Semertzides in Cincinnati, Ohio is also using Sprayshield.

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> Cheryl,
> I understand everything you told us here. For oh so many years up to a
> year
> ago
> that was me too. Have you been able to see a surgeon who is working in
> this
> area? Sometimes a trip to the ER can be helpful in that you can at least
> get
> some IV fluids into you. They are upsetting as far as being able to help
> and
> the attitude I always got (mainly I think, because they were frustrated at
> not
> being able to do anything)....but my benefits had nothing to do with the
> bad
> attitude on their part....I required fluids and then left.
> Donna
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>> Hi Melissa, Good luck with your surgery. I would love anything to be done
> to
>> me right now. My pain is the worst it has ever been. Yesterday I was down
>> all day and night. The sharp stabbing pains, the pains like full rolling
>> contractions, sobbing uncontrollably, writhing in pain all over my bed. A
>> friend of my son's stopped by to say hi. I heard Hello. I yelled go ahead
>> and open my bedroom door. Told him I was really in bad shape, that I
>> don't like anyone to see me go through a full blown episode. He said I
> understand, see you later.

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