c-sections, adhesions and surgery

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Hi Electra, Where did they do your laproscopy at? I feel that my adhesions are in my bowel. My surgery in Germany stated that my small and large intestines were adhered to my colon. Can they really do laproscopy on your bowel and state whether or not you have adhesions there? I would figure that the bowel would have to be completely gone through inch by inch to find them? After my Sigmoid Resection to have diverticulosis removed, I was still having problems 4-6 weeks after my surgery. I had another Barium Enema it showed scattered Diverticulosis. Nothing to have surgery again. It could be nerve pain I was told. Nerves can be sewn up when they suture you closed. After another Colonoscopy 3 months after surgery my Gastro said that he felt that I had adhesions, and the diagnosis stuck. I know that adhesions can be at different places, that is why I asked where the laparoscopy was done in you at. I hope that made sense. I hope that you can get some answers in 2 weeks. Hang in there. Cheryl

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I could really use some advise from everyone on this list, thank you so much in advance! I had my exploratory laproscopy surgery yesterday, my dr has been great and planned to remove any adhesions and endomstriosis he saw.  The good news and the bad news is that he found nothing.  He said my inside looked great.  Though I am really, really glad to hear that, it also makes me want to cry because I don't know where this pain is coming from or what to do to get it to stop.  I have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks.  There is a small change that whatever he did in the surgery could help me to feel some better, I sure hope so since I am in a lot of pain now.  But I don't know where to go next? My only guesses are something like a bowl obstruction or a food allergy? Are there other diagnosis that were considered for anyone here before it was determined to be adhesions? What else might cause pelvic and abdominal pain? That you so much for any ideas/information you may have...

At Tue, 8 Sep 2009, linda wrote: >
>I even had a certified herbalist friend give me a list of herbs an
herbalist >
>doctor said would dissolve adhesions.  The combination of herbs cost me
over >
>$100.  I tried them for a month but didn't notice any change.  I couldn't
>afford to continue to take them.  I asked my pain specialist if he believed
>herbs could dissolve adhesions and he said no.  So many doctors are just
>looking to make money off from our pain and suffering.  I wish I lived in a
>State where Marinol is available for pain.  Unfortunately, only those who
>are dying get it.  This makes absolutely no sense.  Those of us who are in
>pain should be able to get whatever available pain medication helps/stops
>the pain.
>What's a "normal life?"  I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!  God

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