Re: c-sections, adhesions and surgery

From: Electra (
Tue Sep 1 20:20:58 2009

Thank you for the advice- it really did seem like the massage therapy was just plain hurting without making anything better. I saw my OB on Friday and we have scheduled a laproscopic surgery for September 9th. Hopefully they will see what is going on and remove any problems. I really think that I have a combination of adhesions and endometriosis, but this is all new to me so I am not sure. I just want the pain to stop so I can enjoy a normal life with my new son!

>If you really are proned to adhesions, my opinion is massage therapy and or
>Physical therapy will possibly make things worse...Everyones body is
>different of course.. I've tried a little of everything, but what worked
the >best for me is finding a Surgeon who knew about Adhesions and was up on the
>latest barriers.  Taking it easy for a fair amt of time after surgery also
>worked... You will hear a lot of advice from this siite.. use what's good
>for you~
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>> Subject: csections, adhesions and surgery
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>> Subject: csections, adhesions and surgery
>> I am new to this list and hope to get suggestions and feedback from
>> others who are dealing with adhesions. I had an emergency c section
>> surgery almost a year ago. After the surgery it seemed like I was
>> recovering normally, but then a few months ago I started having severe
>> abdominal pain. I could feel lumps on my abdomen and certain movements
>> and wearing certain clothes (like jeans) made the pain worse. I have
>> been to several dr's, tried cold laser therapy with my chiropractor, and
>> tried massage therapy to break the lumps up. The first few people that
>> I met with had no idea what was going on and suggested things such as
>> cysts or fat tissue. Those things shouldn't hurt. Sometimes the pain
>> is worse than other times, but I just can't continue to live like this,
>> it isn't normal and I should be healed by now. It is so frustrating! I
>> really do think I have adhesions and it seems like they are only getting
>> worse with time. I have an appointment to meet with the Dr who did my
>> c-section at the end of the month and I am going to see about the option
>> of surgery to remove the adhesions. My hope is to use massage or other
>> techniques to prevent the growth of extreme scar tissue after this
>> surgery. Am I crazy to think this could help? What other options might
>> I have?

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