Re: c-sections, adhesions and surgery

From: linda (
Tue Sep 8 19:09:01 2009

I even had a certified herbalist friend give me a list of herbs an herbalist

doctor said would dissolve adhesions. The combination of herbs cost me over

$100. I tried them for a month but didn't notice any change. I couldn't afford to continue to take them. I asked my pain specialist if he believed herbs could dissolve adhesions and he said no. So many doctors are just looking to make money off from our pain and suffering. I wish I lived in a State where Marinol is available for pain. Unfortunately, only those who are dying get it. This makes absolutely no sense. Those of us who are in pain should be able to get whatever available pain medication helps/stops the pain.

What's a "normal life?" I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! God Bless!

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> Thank you for the advice- it really did seem like the massage therapy
> was just plain hurting without making anything better. I saw my OB on
> Friday and we have scheduled a laproscopic surgery for September 9th.
> Hopefully they will see what is going on and remove any problems. I
> really think that I have a combination of adhesions and endometriosis,
> but this is all new to me so I am not sure. I just want the pain to
> stop so I can enjoy a normal life with my new son!
>>If you really are proned to adhesions, my opinion is massage therapy and
>>Physical therapy will possibly make things worse...Everyones body is
>>different of course.. I've tried a little of everything, but what worked
> the
>>best for me is finding a Surgeon who knew about Adhesions and was up on
>>latest barriers. Taking it easy for a fair amt of time after surgery also
>>worked... You will hear a lot of advice from this siite.. use what's good
>>for you~
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>>> Subject: csections, adhesions and surgery
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>>> Subject: csections, adhesions and surgery
>>> I am new to this list and hope to get suggestions and feedback from
>>> others who are dealing with adhesions. I had an emergency c section
>>> surgery almost a year ago. After the surgery it seemed like I was
>>> recovering normally, but then a few months ago I started having severe
>>> abdominal pain. I could feel lumps on my abdomen and certain movements
>>> and wearing certain clothes (like jeans) made the pain worse. I have
>>> been to several dr's, tried cold laser therapy with my chiropractor, and
>>> tried massage therapy to break the lumps up. The first few people that
>>> I met with had no idea what was going on and suggested things such as
>>> cysts or fat tissue. Those things shouldn't hurt. Sometimes the pain
>>> is worse than other times, but I just can't continue to live like this,
>>> it isn't normal and I should be healed by now. It is so frustrating! I
>>> really do think I have adhesions and it seems like they are only getting
>>> worse with time. I have an appointment to meet with the Dr who did my
>>> c-section at the end of the month and I am going to see about the option
>>> of surgery to remove the adhesions. My hope is to use massage or other
>>> techniques to prevent the growth of extreme scar tissue after this
>>> surgery. Am I crazy to think this could help? What other options might
>>> I have?

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