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Sun Sep 13 21:17:16 2009

Not sure the doctor was looking for when performing the exploratory surgery but all surgeries inside or outside the body, cause scar tissue to form. I have massive adhesions from total hysterectomy which was done laparoscopic in April 1993. The scar tissue attaches/entraps the nerves and causes the pain. I don't know if food allergies cause pain. Your doctor would've been

able to detect a bowel obstruction which can be quite serious. Dr. Redan gave me a VHS copy of my surgical procedure.

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> I could really use some advise from everyone on this list, thank you so
> much in advance! I had my exploratory laproscopy surgery yesterday, my
> dr has been great and planned to remove any adhesions and endomstriosis
> he saw. The good news and the bad news is that he found nothing. He
> said my inside looked great. Though I am really, really glad to hear
> that, it also makes me want to cry because I don't know where this pain
> is coming from or what to do to get it to stop. I have a follow up
> appointment in 2 weeks. There is a small change that whatever he did in
> the surgery could help me to feel some better, I sure hope so since I am
> in a lot of pain now. But I don't know where to go next? My only
> guesses are something like a bowl obstruction or a food allergy? Are
> there other diagnosis that were considered for anyone here before it was
> determined to be adhesions? What else might cause pelvic and abdominal
> pain? That you so much for any ideas/information you may have...
> At Tue, 8 Sep 2009, linda wrote:
>>I even had a certified herbalist friend give me a list of herbs an
> herbalist
>>doctor said would dissolve adhesions. The combination of herbs cost me
> over
>>$100. I tried them for a month but didn't notice any change. I couldn't
>>afford to continue to take them. I asked my pain specialist if he
>>herbs could dissolve adhesions and he said no. So many doctors are just
>>looking to make money off from our pain and suffering. I wish I lived in
>>State where Marinol is available for pain. Unfortunately, only those who
>>are dying get it. This makes absolutely no sense. Those of us who are in
>>pain should be able to get whatever available pain medication helps/stops
>>the pain.
>>What's a "normal life?" I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! God

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>>> Subject: Re: c-sections, adhesions and surgery
>>> Thank you for the advice- it really did seem like the massage therapy
>>> was just plain hurting without making anything better. I saw my OB on
>>> Friday and we have scheduled a laproscopic surgery for September 9th.
>>> Hopefully they will see what is going on and remove any problems. I
>>> really think that I have a combination of adhesions and endometriosis,
>>> but this is all new to me so I am not sure. I just want the pain to
>>> stop so I can enjoy a normal life with my new son!
>>>>If you really are proned to adhesions, my opinion is massage therapy and
>>>>Physical therapy will possibly make things worse...Everyones body is
>>>>different of course.. I've tried a little of everything, but what worked
>>> the
>>>>best for me is finding a Surgeon who knew about Adhesions and was up on
>>>>latest barriers. Taking it easy for a fair amt of time after surgery
>>>>worked... You will hear a lot of advice from this siite.. use what's

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