Re: OK, Why am I such a whimp?

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Tue Sep 8 19:09:34 2009

35% success rate is not good but the procedure sounds logical. Dr. Cook, LA, California, does a procedure that sounds promising.

It's my understanding that Dr. Reich is the pioneer of laparascopic surgery?

He's written articles on laparascopic surgery. I've had the surgery twice. The first time was with Dr. Reich, Dr. Redan and ? in Scranton, PA. The second time Dr. Redan did it at Celebration Hospital in Orlando.but the adhesions just returned.

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> This is an awkward forum as it doesn't have a logical progression of
> when people posted or not. You say Dr.Semertzides has a 35% success
> rate. But how does this compare to laparoscopic adhesion barriers?
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>>Hey Cheryl,
>>I think I have spoke to you before...but I am going to write you again
>>in case I haven't. I understand your insurance does not kick in till Feb.
>>But when it does...You SERIOUSLY need to get in contact w/Dr Semertzides
>>Cinncinnati, OH. Listed below is my experience w/him. He is great!
>>Ok, I will give you as much information as I possibly can muster up. The
>>whole reason I am posting sooo much on this board about Dr Semertzides is
> so
>>possibly at least one person out there will not have to suffer with this
>>just as much as I have. Everything I told and am about to tell you is the
>>absolute truth.
>>I lived w/adhesions for approx. 2 years. With 8 surgeries to remove them.
>>One of those times almost killed me due to the fact the doctor (not Dr
>>Semertzides) nicked my bowel in 2 places and closed me up that way. All of
>>the contents in my bowel were emptied into my body and I went into septic
>>shock. Thank god my husband is a paramedic and knew what to look for. He
>>saved my life. Anyways, I was suffering w/a partial bowel obstruction d/t
>>adhesions and in pain and suffering just as you are. I had been on the
>>internet a million and one times to find just SOMEONE who could actually
>>help. I once again went on and there he was. What a god miracle! I had
>>never seen him before!
>>Ok, low down on everything.Dr Semertzides was trained to do surgery from
> the
>>doctor who invented laprascopic surgery! He is the only ONE licensed in
> the
>>US to perform this procedure!
>>[Moderator's note: as far as we know this is the technique that Dr.
>>Semertzides uses and has developed himself. He does not need any special
>>license to perform it.]
>>He cuts and burns the adhesive tissue inside. Then applies what is called
>>fibrin protein. AKA Fibrin Glue. He then freezes that spot to stop blood
>>flow to that area. The fibrin glue lasts approx 12 days while the body
>>heals as this is the time the adhesions will normally form. Adhesions may
>>return, but will NOT be nearly as severe. Now, his success rate is
>>this.....35 % will never need surgery again......35% may need one more
>>surgery to correct everything....the rest will never be cured. so go into
>>this with your eyes open. But I will tell you this.....I am a paramedic as
>>well, and in good conscience, would NEVER recommend this, unless it
> worked!
>>And IT DID!! I have not felt this good in years. I still have little,
> itty
>>bitty twinges of pain but I gotta tell you...I live again and NOT ON PAIN
>>MEDS. Excedrin (acetaminophen) takes that little twinge away. I had
>>surgery back in October, and on a normal basis, would have been crawling
>>with pain by now. I am doing AWESOME!!! Thank Dr Semertzides when you
> meet
>>him and tell him Christina Adams from Tennessee sent you.
>>Now about hospital....your going to love this!! NO PAIN the entire time
> you
>>are there!! The staff (nurses) are absolutely awesome! They are asking if
>>you need pain meds before you are LOL. The hospital that he performs the
>>surgery at is Bethesda North in Cinncinnati. I was there for 2 weeks but I
>>had an unusual situation. He said normally people are there 3 days. But I
>>was partially obstructed and had to have IV food to strengthen my body
>>before I could survive the surgery. I was there 3 days after my surgery.
>>And he made sure I was not in any pain for the trip home. I don't know
>>about insurance. You would have to call to find out. Below is the link to
>>his website. Oh yea....forgot about this....YOU GET TO WATCH YOUR SURGERY
>>ON DVD AFTER THE SURGERY!!! There is absolutely no question as to what
> went
>>on!!! If you have any other questions.....feel free to email me. Best of
>>Luck to all...May God give each and every one of you the strength to
> survive
>>and get back to living!!!
>>Love Always
>>Christina Adams

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