OK, Why am I such a whimp?

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You need to contact him to get all the facts and every person is different.  I can only tell you that for the first time in years...I live again and cannot believe it myself...but it is true! I love his bedside mammerism, his caring mannerism, the way he understands I was in REAL pain and the way he meant what he said.  He is constantly researching new ways to try and make pts like us be able to live a normal life again.  Give him a call...see what he can do for you...after all...what could it hurt?   In a message dated 9/1/2009 9:31:22 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, tracy.joslin@adhesions.org writes: Sender: CantorBaines@Yahoo.com (Cantor) Subject: Re: OK, Why am I such a whimp?

This is an awkward forum as it doesn't have a logical progression of when people posted or not.  You say Dr.Semertzides has a 35% success rate.  But how does this compare to laparoscopic adhesion barriers?

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>Hey Cheryl,

>I think I have spoke to you before...but I am going to write you again just
>in case I haven't.  I understand your insurance does not kick in till Feb. 
>But when it does...You SERIOUSLY need to get in contact w/Dr Semertzides in
>Cinncinnati, OH.  Listed below is my experience w/him.  He is great!

>Ok, I will give you as much information as I possibly can muster up.  The
>whole reason I am posting sooo much on this board about Dr Semertzides is
so >possibly at  least one person out there will not have to suffer with this
>just as much as I have.  Everything I told and am about to tell you is the
>absolute truth.

>I lived w/adhesions for approx. 2 years.  With 8 surgeries to remove them.
>One of those times almost killed me due to the fact the doctor (not Dr
>Semertzides) nicked my bowel in 2 places and closed me up that way.  All of
>the contents in my bowel were emptied into my body and I went into septic
>shock.  Thank god my husband is a paramedic and knew what to look for.  He
>saved my life.  Anyways, I was suffering w/a partial bowel obstruction d/t
>adhesions and in pain and suffering just as you are.  I had been on the
>internet a million and one times to find just SOMEONE who could actually
>help.  I once again went on and there he was.  What a god miracle!  I had
>never seen him before!

>Ok, low down on everything.Dr Semertzides was trained to do surgery from
the >doctor who invented laprascopic surgery!  He is the only ONE licensed in
the >US to perform this procedure! 
>[Moderator's note: as far as we know this is the technique that Dr.
>Semertzides uses and has developed himself. He does not need any special
>license to perform it.]
>He cuts and burns the adhesive tissue inside. Then applies what is called a
>fibrin protein. AKA Fibrin Glue.  He then freezes that spot to stop blood
>flow to that area.  The fibrin glue lasts approx 12 days while the body
>heals as this is the time the adhesions will normally form. Adhesions may
>return, but will NOT be nearly as severe.  Now, his success rate is
>this.....35 % will never need surgery again......35% may need one more
>surgery to correct everything....the rest will never be cured. so go into
>this with your eyes open.  But I will tell you this.....I am a paramedic as
>well, and in good conscience, would NEVER recommend this, unless it
worked!  >And IT DID!!  I have not felt this good in years.  I still have little,
itty >bitty twinges of pain but I gotta tell you...I live again and NOT ON PAIN
>MEDS.  Excedrin (acetaminophen) takes that little twinge away.  I had
>surgery back in October, and on a normal basis, would have been crawling
>with pain by now.  I am doing AWESOME!!!  Thank Dr Semertzides when you
meet >him and tell him Christina Adams from Tennessee sent you. 

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