cohesive adhesions with severe leg pain and swelling in legs

From: Sue (
Tue Sep 8 19:10:02 2009

I have had numerous surgeries since 2004, which was caused by a doctor that butchered me here in Arizona during a abdominal hysterectomy. Does anyone have leg swelling or pain in their legs along with your adhesion pain? The last surgery I had he said they were an inch thick and since that surgery I have had problems and feel so frustrated. I am going to another doctor and told him I felt like a foster child that has been sent from home to home with no permanent home in sight, he told me this would be my last stop..Is there anyone else that has leg swelling and severe leg pain too? Please let me know.. Thanks so much! Sue

Hi Stacy, I have had numerous surgeries after a botched hysterectomy. I feel really bad for you because I understand how you feel. I go to a Pain Clinic in Arizona and they have been great. They put me on neurontin, tramadol as well as a patch thats on 12hrs and off 12hrs. Neurontin is used as a nerve pain medicine, tramadol helps with pain. You need something that you can take everyday that will help you. Neurontin has to be started off slow and it can go up to 3400mg and I believe tramadol can go up to 400mg. Let me know how you are doing Much Blessings,

Suzie Arizona

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