Re: Partial Bowel Obstructions

From: Lis:- (
Sat Sep 5 15:20:54 2009

Hi Christine,

Where do you live in New Zealand? I am American but resided in both Auckland and Christchurch for years. Hoping you get relief and answers soon! L;-) At Tue, 1 Sep 2009, Christine Petrie wrote: >
>I have been having partial bowel obstructions now for a number of years
>and all due to adhesions. the last one was really bad and very painful.
>I ended up having shingles as well. I went to the surgeon yesterday and
>he feels that my large bowel is badly scarred as a result of a botched
>hysterectomy. (they left swabs behind and the swabs stuck the bowel
>wall) . He thinks I need an operation to correct this . This means
>taking some of the bowel away and reshaping the remainder, he will free
>the small bowel if it is stuck down. The thought of such a big
>operation is VERY scary and I dont want it, but I really cant see that I
>have much choice, what if it does not work !!!
>I a having a CT tomorrow to see if there is anything else causing these
>obstructions . I had a colonscopy last week and thank GOd that was
>Does anyone have any suggestions ?? I know at the end of the day it is
>my choice, I am going back to see the surgeon next week and I will talk
>in length to him then so any suggestions would be very appreciated.
>Thanks for listening
>New Zealand

I have been on a gluten free diet for nearly 10 years now(Celiac Disease) There is no question that it can help those with adhesions simply because you are not putting as much strain on your intestines and digestive track. I very RARELY ever "cheat" because I KNOW what will follow. Days of fatigue, bouts of severe constipation,back pain, etc. Having said that, unless you are a Celiac, the diet is not ideal for everyone and is hard to follow properly if you eat out a lot or don't read food labels. Have a great New Year everybody! Lis:)

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