Partial Bowel Obstructions

From: Christine Petrie (
Tue Sep 1 20:26:03 2009

I have been having partial bowel obstructions now for a number of years and all due to adhesions. the last one was really bad and very painful. I ended up having shingles as well. I went to the surgeon yesterday and he feels that my large bowel is badly scarred as a result of a botched hysterectomy. (they left swabs behind and the swabs stuck the bowel wall) . He thinks I need an operation to correct this . This means taking some of the bowel away and reshaping the remainder, he will free the small bowel if it is stuck down. The thought of such a big operation is VERY scary and I dont want it, but I really cant see that I have much choice, what if it does not work !!!

I a having a CT tomorrow to see if there is anything else causing these obstructions . I had a colonscopy last week and thank GOd that was clear.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?? I know at the end of the day it is my choice, I am going back to see the surgeon next week and I will talk in length to him then so any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Thanks for listening

Christine New Zealand

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