need Surgeon in Charlotte,NC

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Thu Sep 3 19:15:59 2009

From: [] On Behalf Of Ginger Clark Sent: Tuesday, September 01, 2009 11:16 PM To: Subject: need Surgeon in Charlotte,NC

I have been suffering with pain from adhesions and nerve damage.  I am going to several different Drs. at this time.  All have a little different take on my PAIN. I am a week out from having a radio frequency procedure and have come away from that with great disapointment- no relief.  My  Surgeon is very concerned  about going in again to remove the adhesions because of the fast regrowth. At this point I feel desperate for any help to make me feel normal again.  If anyone has a Dr/Surgeon in the Charlotte, NC area please contact me. I hate to jump from Dr. to Dr. but if one is not finding the help they need what else do you do. Also, I have had to go part time on my Job due to the pain level.  Has anyone been able to receive disability due to this type of problem.  Some days I simply cry because of the horrible pain that is taking over my life.  I hate to feel as if I can't work outside of my home but, it is getting very hard. If disability what steps would one take? Thank you, Ginger C.

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