Re: need emotional support!

From: linda (
Sat Aug 29 14:01:52 2009

Thank God for this forum where we can vent with those who understand. Our families really don't understand how we can be in so much pain because quite

frankly, they feel good.

Before I have another surgery for removal of adhesions even if using spraygel, I'd have to know there's a high percentage success rate.

The evil thing about surgery is that doctors don't warn us of what happens to our bodies afterwards. I believe God must have something in this big world that will keep this horrific condition for occurring. Let's all band together and pray for God to provide an answer soon. Take care and God Bless.

Linda, Jacksonville (Jax), FL

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> Sender: (Eileen Rivera) > Subject: Re: I need emotional support! > > Dear Cheryl, THANK YOU so much for responding and reading my message. I > know exactly how you feel. Some of my family doesn't understand what is > to have adhesions wrapping your organs, the pain, the emotional roller > coaster I'm in. People would call me and when I say I'm in a lot of > pain they just change the conversation! No one knows the extent of this > condition, not even doctors know the pain we are in. I live with my > youngest daughter, she's 17 and with a severe back condition so she > can't help me much. I also have 2 older children, 32 and 28 but they > have their husband and wife, kids and I don't like to bother them. There > are times I can't get up from bed and when I finally can I'm so nausea > and the sharp pain is so bad that I have to go back to bed and cry my > heart out. Cheryl, you have a friend, anytime you would like to talk > just email me your phone number and I will call you. I remember the > sweet, nice person that would call me, I think her name is Pasqual. God > bless her heart and yours. Where do you live in the States? Did the > doctor in Germany use "Spraygel"? Take care my friend! Eileen > > At Mon, 24 Aug 2009, IAS Admin wrote: >> >>From: [] On Behalf >>Of >>HERB F DIXON >>Sent: Monday, August 24, 2009 8:42 PM >>To: >>Subject: Re: I need emotional support! >> >>Hi Eileen, I don't live anywhere near or close to you, I just wanted to >>reach out and say hi and until you can find some one that lives closer to >>you, or longer if need be. You can never have enough friends especially >>those that understand all that you are going through. You are the first >>person that I have heard of besides myself that is stuck together. I was > all >>sucked in and stuck on my left side where my adhesions are the worst. Back >>in 2005 I went to Germany for surgery with Dr. Kruschinski, he did get me >>unstuck. I showed my Gastro one day where I was sucked in and stuck, he >>couldn't believe what he was seeing. At times it would even suck in and >>stick deeper. Strangest feeling isn't it? It doesn't show outside of my > body >>anymore, but I still feel it sticking inside of me. I no longer work >>either >>because of adhesions. I Hate them. The sharp stabbing pains, doubling >>over, >>shooting pain, the aching, nausea, grabbing my sides and just writhing in >>pain, there has to be another way of life for all of us RIGHT? I have >>maybe >>2 friends left, family members could care less like my brother and his > wife, >>and that really hurts a lot. My cousin a few weeks ago asked me everything >>about adhesions, it felt so good to be able to talk about ARD with someone >>that really cares, and loves me. My cousin is like a Sister to me. I hated >>to see her go back home. I really miss the closeness of family, and good >>friends. It really does hurt when you are just dumped. I don't hardly ever >>whine or gripe about my pain to anyone except my husband and sons. >>Although >>I like everyone else miss a lot of parties, holidays, and celebrations >>because I am down. What ever happened to being accepted as you are? We all >>need each other to get through this dreadful illness, and support. Besides >>great info, that is what the website is for to help each other out. You > take >>care, and hang in there, you are not alone. I just pray that soon we will >>all have relief, and get our lives back! Thanks for listening. Cheryl >> >>> Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 08:45:03 -0500 >>> From: >>> To: >>> Subject: FW: I need emotional support! >>> >>> Sender: (Eileen Rivera) >>> Subject: I need emotional support! >>> >>> Hello to all ARD friends: >>> I have been an ARD sufferer for many, many years with 15 surgeries. I >>> have posted here mamy years ago. Once a beautiful friend here helped me >>> through >>> tough times, when I was with lots of pain and emotional break downs due >>> to feeling lonely with this horrible condition. I live in Puerto Rico >>> and here no one knows about ARD. Now, again, I'm in a lot of pain, no >>> one to talk to and explain my frustration and agony. I don't want >>> another surgery, my last one was a year ago. My stomach, belly button >>> and intestines were all stuck together, each organ out of their original >>> abdominal area. I'm disable, can't work due to adhesions. I would like >>> to know if there is someone in Puerto Rico or close that I can email to. >>> My email address is That nice friend that >>> helped me is from a close island but can't remember her name. She would >>> call me at my home and that felt so good to know someone cared and >>> understood me. I would love to contact her again and know how she's >>> doing. To all my ARD sufferer friends I know how you feel. God bless >>> you all and hope all of you receive the best care and be pain free for >>> ever. Eileen Rivera >>> > > --

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