Re: OK, Why am I such a whimp? (LINDA H)

From: linda (
Sat Aug 29 13:56:40 2009

I had mine for 4 years and exhausted the highest dose of morphine which was combined with other medication. I couldn't have afforded it if my wonderful

doctor hadn't waived the co-pay. When the medication(s) worked, I felt like

my old self but I did get drowsy. There is a medication that can be given for drowsiness but the side affects can be serious.

I hope you will get relief from pain and you'll find the pump the answer for

you. Good luck.

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> Linda,
> How long did you have your pump? I have had mine 2 1/2 months. I am not
> where I want to be yet. You got adhesions where your pump was palced?
> Kelly
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>> No one is a wimp because they take pain medication to help them. It's
>> better to take something to relieve pain than to give up. Each person's
>> body responds differently to pain meds. I've been on the highest dosage
>> of
>> morphine but became immune to it. I've tried most every pain med
>> available
>> (at least what the doctor(s) prescribed). Percocet never seemed to help
>> my
>> pain but my sister said it helps her back pain. How many mgs. of Percocet
>> do you take? Perhaps I didn't take a high enough dosage to help my pain.
>> Two pain specialists have suggested I get a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS)
> but
>> I am reluctant to get it because I had a Morphine Pump once and exhausted
> a
>> variety of meds. I got the Morphine Pump removed and now I have scar
> tissue
>> in the site where it was implanted.

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