OK, Why am I such a whimp? (LINDA H)

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Linda, How long did you have your pump?  I have had mine 2 1/2 months.  I am not where I want to be yet.  You got adhesions where your pump was palced? Kelly

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> Subject: OK, Why am I such a whimp?
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> Subject: Re: OK, Why am I such a whimp?
> No one is a wimp because they take pain medication to help them. It's
> better to take something to relieve pain than to give up. Each person's
> body responds differently to pain meds. I've been on the highest dosage of

> morphine but became immune to it. I've tried most every pain med available

> (at least what the doctor(s) prescribed). Percocet never seemed to help my

> pain but my sister said it helps her back pain. How many mgs. of Percocet
> do you take? Perhaps I didn't take a high enough dosage to help my pain.
> Two pain specialists have suggested I get a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS)
but >
> I am reluctant to get it because I had a Morphine Pump once and exhausted
a > variety of meds. I got the Morphine Pump removed and now I have scar
tissue >
> in the site where it was implanted. It set off alarms at airport and other

> security check points. I'm suppose to do a trial of the SCS on September
> 16th. It will take 1 1/2 hours to place the lead wires into my spine. If
> it works, they will then implant the device which is about the size of a
> pacemaker.
> I'd really like to hear from anyone who has or knows someone with a SCS
and > whether it does/doesn't help their pain.
> Thanks!

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> Subject: OK, Why am I such a whimp?
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> > Subject: OK, Why am I such a whimp?
> >
> > I have read a lot of the postings today. It seems I am much whimper
> > than all you guys. I take percocet. A LOT of percocet. I was on 9
> > pills of oxycotin for years, and my pain started to be "less of a
> > pain".....so I got off of those and took percocet just as needed. Well,
> > about 3 months ago, the pain started back and I have to take 2 percocet
> > about 2-3 times a day. I never ever feel
> > "high". I can drive and do everything, it just takes the pain away or
> > lessons it so I can function.

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