Sometimes We Have No Other Choice

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I have gone to Redan and Germany for surgeries.  I unfortunately have the adhesions back. I don't plan on having anymore surgeries as the more you have, the bigger chance of them coming back, (maybe worse) or multiple surgeries causing other problems.  There are people that claim to be cured from both Drs. I had a Morphine pump placed almost two months ago and I got off the Duragesic patch.  The pump uses far less medication and it does not have any side effects because it doesn't go through your whole body.  I still have pain but not as intense. I know it is your choice but having surgery after surgery is very risky. Kelly

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> I support your decision. I had an entire 25 months between my last two
> surgeries! I was thrilled. Unfortunately, just 3 1/2 months later the
> pain is debilitating.
> where in Georgia are you? I traveled from Il to Ga to see Dr. Tom Lyons
> in Atlanta and was very happy with his skills, his team, the after-care.
> Dr. Lyons is right up there with Redan in his complete knowledge of
> what we suffer and his skills are world renown. He has his own surgical
> clinics and everyone there is highly educated in endo and adhesions and
> I was so happy to be treated without having to go through a general
> hospital out-patient clinic.
> He has an ad on the main page -
> Good luck to you!
> Donna
> At Sun, 2 Aug 2009, Lis:- wrote:
> >
> >After some thought and prayer, I scheduled another surgery with Dr.
> >Redan today. To the average person, 17 months between surgeries is a
> >short amount of time. But for me, it was a time of drastically reduced
> >pain, more energy and an upward spike in my emotional well being because
> >my body had a chance to rest, even if for a while.
> >
> >Last year, because surgery was performed in the spring, I truly got to
> >enjoy my summer. I planted a garden, walked daily and had a wonderful
> >vacation with my family.
> >
> >My problems began again in November. As a church worship leader, I
> >struggled through Christmas productions with increasing pain and
> >horrible abdominal distention. By May of this year, my symptoms were
> >full blown.
> >
> >I agonized over the decision. I dread the bowel prep and the trip from
> >Ga. my husband and I will have to make. But, in the end, I'm so
> >grateful that Dr. Redan is there to help me have another good year.
> >
> >After more than 20 years, I still question my sanity, wonder if "it's in
> >my head" I do the things we're told to do like eat more fiber, take an
> >antidepressant, exercise,
> >get PT, blah, blah, blah. But, that isn't enough to keep adhesions out
> >of my abdomen.
> >
> >I hope this helps someone who may be feeling hopeless. If you have
> >valid medical records that clearly show you have adhesions, please call
> >Dr. Redan,
> >
> >For me,relief is in sight. For how long, I don't know. But,it's okay
> >because I'll be better that I am right now. Many medical professionals
> >discourage elective surgical procedures, saying we're only making
> >matters worse. But, in the end, the sufferer, has to make a decision
> >based on what is right for your situation. It is not a choice we want
> >to make, it's sometime our only choice.
> >
> >Thank you Dr. Redan for giving me an option.

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