Re: Sometimes We Have No Other Choice

From: Sarah (
Wed Aug 5 08:35:31 2009

I will praying for you....hopefully this time you will get more relief. I have so much respect for you...taking your health care in your own hands and finding a surgeon you are comfortable with to perform the surgery. It's such a difficult and scary decision. I wish you all the best....let us know how you do. And tell Dr. Redan I said hi!! :o) Sincerely, Sarah

At Sun, 2 Aug 2009, Lis:- wrote: >
>After some thought and prayer, I scheduled another surgery with Dr.
>Redan today. To the average person, 17 months between surgeries is a
>short amount of time. But for me, it was a time of drastically reduced
>pain, more energy and an upward spike in my emotional well being because
>my body had a chance to rest, even if for a while.
>Last year, because surgery was performed in the spring, I truly got to
>enjoy my summer. I planted a garden, walked daily and had a wonderful
>vacation with my family.
>My problems began again in November. As a church worship leader, I
>struggled through Christmas productions with increasing pain and
>horrible abdominal distention. By May of this year, my symptoms were
>full blown.
>I agonized over the decision. I dread the bowel prep and the trip from
>Ga. my husband and I will have to make. But, in the end, I'm so
>grateful that Dr. Redan is there to help me have another good year.
>After more than 20 years, I still question my sanity, wonder if "it's in
>my head" I do the things we're told to do like eat more fiber, take an
>antidepressant, exercise,
>get PT, blah, blah, blah. But, that isn't enough to keep adhesions out
>of my abdomen.
>I hope this helps someone who may be feeling hopeless. If you have
>valid medical records that clearly show you have adhesions, please call
>Dr. Redan,
>For me,relief is in sight. For how long, I don't know. But,it's okay
>because I'll be better that I am right now. Many medical professionals
>discourage elective surgical procedures, saying we're only making
>matters worse. But, in the end, the sufferer, has to make a decision
>based on what is right for your situation. It is not a choice we want
>to make, it's sometime our only choice.
>Thank you Dr. Redan for giving me an option.
>I have been on a gluten free diet for nearly 10 years now(Celiac Disease)
>There is no question that it can help those with adhesions simply because
>you are not putting as much strain on your intestines and digestive track.
>I very RARELY ever "cheat" because I KNOW what will follow. Days of
>fatigue, bouts of severe constipation,back pain, etc. Having said that,
>unless you are a Celiac, the diet is not ideal for everyone and is hard to
>follow properly if you eat out a lot or don't read food labels. Have a
>great New Year everybody! Lis:)

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