Re: This Friday's 20/20 on ABC

From: jetstamp (
Tue Aug 11 20:16:11 2009

Unfortunately, the 20/20 show did not do Amy Stein's book any justice. I had hoped that it would have been a more in-depth segment that would encompass the whole pelvic floor thing, and how the tight muscles are caused in the first place (many things can cause it- too numerous to mention here), how the circulation is then restricted due to the tightness which results in nerve irritation, how lactic acid builds up and irritates the nerves even more, which then causes various organ dysfunctions (including sexual, digestive, and urinary) and the resulting organ dysfunctions cause even more pain, and the vicious cycle starts all over again. AND YES, also how adhesions can form along with all of this to boot! And how these problems are usually attributed to mental issues or past abuse as a child instead of REAL medical issues which do indeed cause pain and organ dysfunction which justifies appropriate treatment.

I do realize that the gist of the show was sexual pain, although that nerve sensitivity that was apparently cured by surgery is certainly not the only thing that can cause sexual dysfunction. The tight, painful muscles (and adhesions that have also formed) could certainly cause sexual pain and dysfunction in many other ways. Pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction is way more complicated than that.

Susan Bilheimer, author of the recent book called 'Secret Suffering' felt the same way. The show just glossed over one small part of this issue- cramming it into a midsummer show that ran through several different medical issues. 'Good Morning America' (which I'm never home to watch because I'm at work) apparently did have a segment where Amy showed some of the exercises she advises patients with tight muscles to do. But there was no mention of the additional treatments (myofascial release, trigger point injections, biofeedback, internal and external massage)that can help along with these exercises. Although one problem with these other treatments is that many people can't afford them anyway because insurance won't cover them- yet they seem to have no problem paying for surgeries that don't address the REAL problem!

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