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I have tried Tramadol.  It did nothing for me.  I use Toradol injections as needed.  But it isn't good for long term use.  10 days is all anyone is supposed to use it.  Pill form can cause serious ulcers in the stomach and intestines.  (happened to me, that's why I am on the injection form.)  Toradol works a little better than Tramadol. (my opinion)  When you have adhesions, you just have to try different things till you find what is right for you.  No pain medicine will truly help adhesions, but it can minimize the pain some.  (if you can find something that works for you)  I also have dilaudid, which I refuse to use.  (Had same bottle for about a year and still have 57 left out of 60.  I hate narcotics.  I like being able to drive when I have to.  Besides, I can't handle the thoughts of having to take something that I could get addicted to.  So I deal with the pain the best I can.  Just found out my left hip joint is full of adhesions as well as my abdomen and some around my right lung and heart.  Doc says it is to dangerous for them to go in and do anything about it.  I am at a loss as what to do next.  I am hopeful still.  We all need to be.  We just have to stick together and try to find an answer for this.  God willing.  I  wish you the best.  (All of us the best).  Take care and God be with you all.  ~Debbie

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