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This is Dr. Gerhart's email

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>    Do you have Dr. Gerhart's  address, phone number, fax number?  If so,
>could you send it to me, please.  I just seen a surgeon today that works
>with critical care patients and she uses Spray Sheild and a few other
>things, but she said that she has gone back into some of her patients at a
>later date and found that it only keeps the bowels from adhering to the
>abdominal wall.  I am curious as to what all Dr. Gerhart uses and what his
>success rate is.  They said that my abdominal adhesions are so severe that
>it would take more than one surgery to correct it, but that the adhesions
>would return within a week, even with the barriers, because they don't work
>enough to keep mine under control.  My abdomen is frozen as well and I
vomit >4 out of 7 days, and the other 3 days I don't even eat.  So I have to find
a >way to make this easier on me either way.  At this point, we are willing to
>do what ever we can find, in order to get my food to stay down.  The
partial >blockages are to much on me.
>Thanks for your help.  God bless you.

>Debbie Baker
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