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Kim,     Do you have Dr. Gerhart's  address, phone number, fax number?  If so, could you send it to me, please.  I just seen a surgeon today that works with critical care patients and she uses Spray Sheild and a few other things, but she said that she has gone back into some of her patients at a later date and found that it only keeps the bowels from adhering to the abdominal wall.  I am curious as to what all Dr. Gerhart uses and what his success rate is.  They said that my abdominal adhesions are so severe that it would take more than one surgery to correct it, but that the adhesions would return within a week, even with the barriers, because they don't work enough to keep mine under control.  My abdomen is frozen as well and I vomit 4 out of 7 days, and the other 3 days I don't even eat.  So I have to find a way to make this easier on me either way.  At this point, we are willing to do what ever we can find, in order to get my food to stay down.  The partial blockages are to much on me. Thanks for your help.  God bless you.   Debbie Baker

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