13 surgeries now matted problems need to find a doctor

From: David (180fire@gmail.com)
Mon Jul 13 18:50:55 2009

I have had a total of 13 open abdominal surgeries. It started in Dec 2005 and continued through November 2008.

I keep on having small bowel obstructions and it's interfering with work, school, and family.

On Saturday I went to the emergency room for severe pain and they told me I have loops of intestines matted to my ventral abdominal wall. I feel as if my insides are pulling out of me. One of my surgeries was a sub total colectomy and that allows me to have many bowel movements a day and now I am down to hardly none.

The resident surgeon at the hospital told me that unless my life is at risk, then there is nothing no one can do for me excpet for pain meds.

Are there any doctors out there that can help?

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