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Hi Dalene,

The morphine pump helped me for a few years but I became immune to even the highest dose(s) of morphine; however, you may not. My doctor used a combination of meds in the pump. I didn't like having the unit under my skin and after 3 years and being immune to the meds, I had it removed. The unit is much smaller now. You may want to research the Medtronic Device (Morphine Pump) for pain. The Neurologist that implanted mine also did the pain management. Prior to implanting it (under skin below right beltline), one is put in the hospital for as I recall 24 or 48 hours, where one undergoes a trial (unit not implanted) of meds used to see if one is a candidate for the Morphine Pump. Not real clear on the particulars of the trial.

If you need to continue to work, the Morphine Pump may be the best alternative. The meds will make you drowsy until you get use to them but then doesn't all pain meds. I wish the pain specialist I had at the time (1996) had informed me about the Morphine Pump so that I could've finished out my 5 years with the Federal Government. Living in pain during one's retirement isn't much fun so any way that you can get your pain under control even if for several years is better than no period of relief.

Medtronics developed the Morphine Pump after the Pace Maker which has saved many peoples lives who had heart irregularities. The Morphine Pump sets off

alarms when going through security points.

Take care and God Bless.

Linda, Jax, FL

P.S. I don't know where your pain is but if it's the back, pain specialists

also implant a "Spinal Cord Stimulator." Perhaps your pain specialists will

be able to inform you on what is best for you. I hope you have a good pain specialist. I'm going to one here in Jacksonville who is with the Collier Spine Institute.

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> 3 days ago, I have decided to stop eating altogether. I am doing fairly
> well without any abdominal pain and I am going to continue to not eat
> for at least 6 mos. My sister wants me to have surgery again, but I
> feel that is not the answer for me right now. My last surgery last year
> was difficult because I ended up in ICU for a couple of days. I have
> been dealing with this disease since 1996 and continue to struggle. My
> gastro doctor told me I have the gene for crohn's disease on top of my
> adhesion disease now. He put me on a drug called: LIALDA which is for
> people with crohn's. It does help a little but I am still suffering in
> pain again. I see my pain doctor tomorrow. I am still full time
> employed and trying to hold on to my job. My job understands my disease
> and they seem to tolerate it because I am under FMLA intermediate ,
> which means that whenever the pain gets to be too much for me at work,
> then I can sign out on FMLA and go home for that day.
> My sister wants me to fill out social security disability because I am
> not getting any better. I tried the first time with a counselor who
> told me not to fill the paper work out because with the money that I am
> currently earning would not justify me for disability. I can hardly
> hold on to working 40 hrs a week. I do the best that I can and
> sometimes feel it is not good enough. It is just so expensive to be
> sick in this day and age. I am at a point in my life now that I will
> have to continue to work until one day I am not able to tolerate the
> pain anymore and be put on a morphine pump.
> Could all of you please pray for me? And also that the Lord give me the
> strength to keep my job?
> Thank-you all for listening to me. It feels great to get this all off
> of my chest. Thank-you from the bottom of my hear.
> Dalene

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