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Linda, I got my Morphone Pump on June 16th.  I have had a lot of adhesion pain since.  Do they always start out at the lowest dose?  I am getting frustrated as I can't sleep at night and it's hard to lay down during the day. I went for a checkup last week and they increased it a little.  I don't notice any difference.  I hate to get small increases as I want it to work.  I live three hours from the Dr. Did your legs hurt when you first got it?


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> Hi Dalene,
> The morphine pump helped me for a few years but I became immune to even
the > highest dose(s) of morphine; however, you may not. My doctor used a
> combination of meds in the pump. I didn't like having the unit under my
> skin and after 3 years and being immune to the meds, I had it removed. The

> unit is much smaller now. You may want to research the Medtronic Device
> (Morphine Pump) for pain. The Neurologist that implanted mine also did the

> pain management. Prior to implanting it (under skin below right beltline),

> one is put in the hospital for as I recall 24 or 48 hours, where one
> undergoes a trial (unit not implanted) of meds used to see if one is a
> candidate for the Morphine Pump. Not real clear on the particulars of the
> trial.
> If you need to continue to work, the Morphine Pump may be the best
> alternative. The meds will make you drowsy until you get use to them but
> then doesn't all pain meds. I wish the pain specialist I had at the time
> (1996) had informed me about the Morphine Pump so that I could've finished

> out my 5 years with the Federal Government. Living in pain during one's
> retirement isn't much fun so any way that you can get your pain under
> control even if for several years is better than no period of relief.
> Medtronics developed the Morphine Pump after the Pace Maker which has
saved > many peoples lives who had heart irregularities. The Morphine Pump sets
off >
> alarms when going through security points.
> Take care and God Bless.
> Linda, Jax, FL
> P.S. I don't know where your pain is but if it's the back, pain
specialists >
> also implant a "Spinal Cord Stimulator." Perhaps your pain specialists
will >
> be able to inform you on what is best for you. I hope you have a good pain

> specialist. I'm going to one here in Jacksonville who is with the Collier
> Spine Institute.

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> > 3 days ago, I have decided to stop eating altogether. I am doing fairly
> > well without any abdominal pain and I am going to continue to not eat
> > for at least 6 mos. My sister wants me to have surgery again, but I
> > feel that is not the answer for me right now. My last surgery last year
> > was difficult because I ended up in ICU for a couple of days. I have
> > been dealing with this disease since 1996 and continue to struggle. My
> > gastro doctor told me I have the gene for crohn's disease on top of my
> > adhesion disease now. He put me on a drug called: LIALDA which is for
> > people with crohn's. It does help a little but I am still suffering in
> > pain again. I see my pain doctor tomorrow. I am still full time
> > employed and trying to hold on to my job. My job understands my disease
> > and they seem to tolerate it because I am under FMLA intermediate ,
> > which means that whenever the pain gets to be too much for me at work,
> > then I can sign out on FMLA and go home for that day.
> > My sister wants me to fill out social security disability because I am
> > not getting any better. I tried the first time with a counselor who
> > told me not to fill the paper work out because with the money that I am
> > currently earning would not justify me for disability. I can hardly
> > hold on to working 40 hrs a week. I do the best that I can and
> > sometimes feel it is not good enough. It is just so expensive to be
> > sick in this day and age. I am at a point in my life now that I will
> > have to continue to work until one day I am not able to tolerate the
> > pain anymore and be put on a morphine pump.
> > Could all of you please pray for me? And also that the Lord give me the
> > strength to keep my job?
> > Thank-you all for listening to me. It feels great to get this all off
> > of my chest. Thank-you from the bottom of my hear.
> > Dalene
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