Physical Therapy and Thoughts

From: Alta (
Tue Jul 7 16:39:50 2009

I haven't posted much lately because not much new has happened until now. I had been very upset and depressed about the medical community. My mind has not changed much about that but it made me realize that it's up to me to take control on all of this and fight. I have decided that this is my battle and mine alone. It's up to me to find a team of doctors to work for me. I pay the doctors so they work for me! First thing I did was find a gynecologist. I have been bouncing around from doctor to doctor trying to find one that I was comfortable with. One who wouldn't tell me I was going to have to live with this and not give me direction. One who wanted to go into battle with me. I found this in a woman. I picked her because she had the same name of someone I went to school with.

When I met her I liked her vibe. We talked and she said there really was nothing more that could be done for me. Surgery would only make things worse so unless there was a problem I wouldn't go under the knife. She also suggested that I go to physical therapy and acupuncture. The last time I tried both of these insurance didn't pay for it and it didn't help. (I think it more had to do with the therapists.) Anyway she mentioned the PT specialized in the Pelvic Floor. I figured why not give it a try what could I lose but time. I went to the PT and really liked her. She has practiced for 20 years but returned to school to get trained in women problems. She talked a lot about adhesions and how she was going to treat them. She told me this was not going to be easy, it would take time and it would hurt. She also said that it may not help. She felt around my belly and was able to feel the adhesions. She found that I probably have some that cross over my hip bone down. When she looked at my recent scar and did not like the fact that after six months part of it was still purple. She felt that something was still active there, which was not good. To her that probably meant more things were growing and active. I have been back twice for message, heat, ice and to learn exercises. I will be back. I really feel this is worth a try and do feel it will help. We all have to keep the faith and keep moving forward. We need to share what works and what doesn't. Remember, just because something works for me doesn't mean it will work for you. But it is your right to check it out and decide.

When it comes to our problem not being addressed by media outlets, I have a theory about this. I think that doctors are afraid. Most cannot admit that this is a problem. They don't want failure associated with them. When a reporter tries to investigate and cannot come up with someone in the medical community to address it, I think they give up. I also think doctors are worried about medical malpractice. Even though our bodies are the ones causing this, doctors could perceive it as we are stating they caused the problem. Lastly, with the crack down on the distribution pain meds, I don't think that the medical community wants this problem out in the public eye. This is just another way for those who don't need them to try to get pain meds.

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