Re: Physical Therapy and Thoughts

From: jetstamp (
Fri Jul 17 18:07:34 2009

" She also suggested that I go to physical therapy and >acupuncture. The last time I tried both of these insurance didn't pay
>for it and it didn't help. (I think it more had to do with the
>therapists.) Anyway she mentioned the PT specialized in the Pelvic
>Floor. I figured why not give it a try what could I lose but time.
>I went to the PT and really liked her. She has practiced for 20 years
>but returned to school to get trained in women problems. She talked a
>lot about adhesions and how she was going to treat them. She told me
>this was not going to be easy, it would take time and it would hurt. She
>also said that it may not help. She felt around my belly and was able
>to feel the adhesions. She found that I probably have some that cross
>over my hip bone down. When she looked at my recent scar and did not
>like the fact that after six months part of it was still purple. She
>felt that something was still active there, which was not good. To her
>that probably meant more things were growing and active. I have been
>back twice for message, heat, ice and to learn exercises. I will be
>back. "

I went to a couple of PTs who specialized in women's issues-like for pelvic floor stuff. I did this after I was diagnosed with non-relaxing puborectalis muscles and pelvic floor tension myalgia at Mayo. They had wanted me to go through their 2-week physical therapy course, but because it was coded as 'biofeedback' insurance wouldn't cover the $6,000.00-$7,000.00 cost so I couldn't do it. Plus, I have heard that biofeedback alone is not enough to correct tight pelvic floor muscles.

I liked both of these physical therapists, but they had little to offer. Mostly deep-breathing and some postural exercises which I tried and didn't think they helped.

If you want to try something cheap that you can do on your own, I suggest buying a book that came out earlier this year called 'Heal Pelvic Pain' by Amy Stein, who is a physical therapist in New York. It is a very interesting book that describes how the cycle of pelvic pain and tight muscles can begin, and many people with this problem have IBS, Interstitial Cystitis, Endometriosis, and some people's problems may have started with some kind of an accident- like a sports injury. Adhesions can be a part of this tightness problem as well.

She has a set of exercises called 'End the Pain' which are really different 'stretching' positions that are supposed to help loosen things up. I have been doing these stretches for about 10 days now and I have to say that I can feel a difference. Whether it will be the 'permanent fix' remains to be seen, but this is so far the most effective thing I have done in my 25 years with this problem.

And as I said, it is cheap- all you need to do is buy the book. I highly recommend that anyone with pelvic pain and/or tightness, no matter what may have caused it in the first place, seriously consider buying this book and trying these exercises. I would be real curious to see if anyone else feels the same results I have in less than 2 weeks.

She does recommend self-massage, which I'm not real good at-and I might consider getting some kind of massage- there are many kinds to choose from and from what I see they usually cost from $75.00 $100.00, which would be OK if that is my only expense!

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