I feel like I am out of options

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I would suggest talking to Dr Gerhart and see what he says..I ended up going back again (with Dr Gerhart) a second time about six months after my first surgery. He may want to wait a little bit longer . From my experience< I'm doing much better after the second surgery. (I haven't had to have surgery since Nov of 06.)Of course everyones different.  Good Luck! Marlene

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> Subject: I feel like I am out of options
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> Subject: I feel like I am out of options
> I had laposcopy with Dr. Gerhart the end of February. He did extensive
> lysis of adhesions - pelvic and abdominal and removed my appendix. I
> had what he called a frozen abdomen. He also sprayed an adhesion
> barrior. I now think my adhesions are coming back. I am constipated
> again and have pain. I do not know what to do next. Any suggestions
> would be great. Thanks Kim

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