The pain is making me crazy

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Wed Apr 23 23:23:17 2008

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I have a lot of your similar symptoms.  The bladder, sex, bowel movements, sweety I completely understand.  It SUCKS!!!  We have to hang in there for our families and for all the others like us who need our support.  Having us is what makes us all understand that we are not crazy.  Please talk to your GI Dr about Cyotec.  Since taking this medication my bowels have improved and them improving has helped with the bladder troubles.  Don't give up, we have to keep trying and trying, so maybe young girls dont have to go through the mental problems that adhesions have caused all of us.  Hopefully when they are our age, something will have been found to help them with the pain and Drs will believe them.  Always remember tomorrow brings a new day and hopefully the pain will be better the next day.  Chin up and keep puching along! 

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