Re: The pain is making me crazy

From: debra hall (
Wed Apr 23 23:24:16 2008

dear lynda, please look for a clinic, or something where payments are made on income or are free. we understand what you are going thru, and know just how fast this pain makes you crazy!! If only there was a window into our guts, to show everyone who doubts us just what is going on!! But please try and find someone who will listen and try to get you as comfortable as possible, and stay in touch on this, it helps just to know that there are others out there like us. Take care Debra

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> Subject: The pain is making me crazy
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> Subject: The pain is making me crazy
> Nineteen years ago I had a c-sect, and then another
> seventeen years ago,
> and ever since then I have had pain. Several years ago
> they removed my
> uterus due to adenomyosis, and then one ovary a year for
> the next two
> years. When they took the second ovary out (I begged them
> to do it all
> at once) the scar tissue was so bad it took them an hour to
> get to my
> appendix. I woke up with an NG tube, and the doctors were
> afraid my
> bowels might never work properly because of the amount of
> manipulating
> they had to do to them to remove the adhesions. Since
> then, I have had
> three more surgeries--two for scar tissue and then one for
> a hernia I
> developed after the previous one. Now it's been two
> years, and I just
> had my gallbladder out in January. I have pain so severe
> in my lower
> left side of my groin, across my lower back, and down both
> legs. The
> pain is crippling most days, and just walking a few feet is
> a big deal.
> I lost my job because I hadn't been there long enough
> when I needed the
> gallbladder surgery, so now I am without insurance. I am
> 43, and feel
> older then my 82 year old grandmother. I am so depressed
> because I
> can't do things. This is ridiculous. I try heat, and
> ice, and motrin,
> and even xanax the doctor gave me before I lost my
> insurance for stress.

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