Found out I have adhesions

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There are Doctors that deal specifically with adhesions. Dr Redan in Florida. There is a Doctor at Ohio State  University hospital  <I would strongly suggest My Doctor who is  in Pa. He was the best for me. Saved my life.(Dr Clark Gerhart) I'm sure there are others. You can Check Dr Gs web site. Good Luck

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> Subject: Found out I have adhesions
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> Subject: Found out I have adhesions
> Hello there. A little over a month ago I had a laporoscopy because of
> severe pelvic pain I have had for YEARS. My doctor thought it was
> endometeriosis but after performing the surgery he said it wasn't. That
> I had adhesions from when I had an emergency appendectemy when I was 4
> years old (I am 27 now) I also have IC. I am new to this whole adhesion
> thing, haha, I too thought it was endometeriosis and was prepared for
> that, did extensive research and was ready to deal with that. I feel as
> if I know nothing about adhesions. My dr said they can grow
> that common??? I have been feeling A LOT better since they had been
> removed but I am now having a pain on my left side I had before surgery.
> It has taken me 15 years & numerous doctors to finally find out what was
> causing my pain. No one ever looked at my history and thought,"oh she
> had previous surgery could be adhesions!"
> Basically, I have no idea how to deal with this...are there specialists
> that deal specifically with adhesions??? Any help is greatly
> appreciated!

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