Constant pain due to adhesions, endometriosis, and polycystic

From: Marilyn (
Mon Dec 10 07:55:50 2007

We need some help! My daughter needs help to find a doctor in the Indianapolis area that knows something about this condition and will both help treat the condition and the pain. Any suggestions? She is relatively new to this problem compared to many of you on the board. She has been told by her doctor that the only solution to her constant pain is a hysterectomy. She gave birth to her second child aboy 6 weeks ago after having gone through IVF because her tubes are messed up due to adhesions. She is on narcotics to help her deal with the pain, but as many of you have expressed, she does not want to continue on narcotics, which only make her pain bearable. Her doctor does not seem to believe her that she is in such constant pain. My daughter is 29 years old and I am very concerned about her having a hystorectomy. She is so anxious to get rid of the problem, she is seriously considering the surgery. As I have been reading the threads on this board, I am feeling that tere are adhesions after the surgery and that surgery may NOT be the best solution. Are there other solutions? We haven't heard of any other treatments. Anything any of you with more experience can contribute would be much appreciated. I will send her to this chat board so that she can stop feeling crazy and so alone. Thanks for being here.

Marilyn - concerned mother

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