nausea, GERD

From: Sara (
Tue Dec 4 21:21:14 2007

I have diffuse abdominal adhesions from prior surgeries. I did not even know I had the adhesions nor did I have any problems with them until a surgeon perforated my bowel during a diagnostic lap. to diagnose the cause of my blocked fallopian tubes (adhesions). I have had one surgery to lyse the adhesions, which resolved the horrific pain I was having about every three weeks for seven months from small bowel obstructions. Now I have chronic nausea and I have had a couple of episodes of intense pain from what I assume is GERD like pain (intense pressure near the junction of the esophagus and stomach), that I did not have before this mess all started. What can be done about chronic daily nausea? Can adhesions cause GERD? Has anyone had a successful lawsuit for bowel perforation? Thanks

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