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>I had a hysterectomy at 30 years old because my uterus was adhesed to my
abdominal wall (they left the ovaries). Surgery was the right treatment option for me. I no longer have any pain and/or infections. We all respond differently to surgery....but sometimes it is the correct choice. I am glad I had it done! It seems like the important decisions is going to a doctor who specializes in adhesions. Best of luck to all you...every situation is unique and I pray all of you find success in whatever treatment you decide on! Merry Christmas!


>I read your posting about your daughter and am so sorry she is suffering. 
I >went through a VERY similar situation after the birth of my second child
and >DID have the hysterectomy at age 25.  Unfortunately for me, it didn't
>relieve the pain and more adhesions formed, of course.  In my case, they
>took the uterus at that time, then with each ensuing surgery after, they
>took each tube and each ovary; the last one was taken in 2006.  Now, at 39,
>my health is a mess.  My hormones can't seem to get regulated, my weight
has >gone up and down in swings of 50+ lbs, and from all the adhesions, I have
>had dozens more surgeries. Now, please, I am NOT in any way saying that's
>what will happen to your daughter, as we are all different.  Some form more
>adhesions than others, and my docs say I am the worst case they have ever
>seen.  It may just work for her, but there will be more adhesions, no
>doubt.  I stopped the narcotics also and take ULTRAM to keep the edge off
>the pain for now.
>It's really a tough call.  When you're in that much pain, you are willing
to >do ANYTHING to make it stop.  Surgery, unfortunately is a temporary fix.  I
>have a great female doc here in Illinois who also specializes in
adhesions.  >He's worth the trip.  I've recommended him to a few others on the site who
>have seen him with great results.  You are welcome to contact me for his
>Good luck.

>Jeanne Surdo


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>> Subject: Constant pain due to adhesions, endometriosis, and polycystic
>> ovaries
>> We need some help!
>> My daughter needs help to find a doctor in the Indianapolis area that
>> knows something about this condition and will both help treat the
>> condition and the pain. Any suggestions?
>> She is relatively new to this problem compared to many of you on the
>> board. She has been told by her doctor that the only solution to her
>> constant pain is a hysterectomy. She gave birth to her second child
>> aboy 6 weeks ago after having gone through IVF because her tubes are
>> messed up due to adhesions. She is on narcotics to help her deal with
>> the pain, but as many of you have expressed, she does not want to
>> continue on narcotics, which only make her pain bearable. Her doctor
>> does not seem to believe her that she is in such constant pain. My
>> daughter is 29 years old and I am very concerned about her having a
>> hystorectomy. She is so anxious to get rid of the problem, she is
>> seriously considering the surgery. As I have been reading the threads
>> on this board, I am feeling that tere are adhesions after the surgery
>> and that surgery may NOT be the best solution. Are there other
>> solutions? We haven't heard of any other treatments.
>> Anything any of you with more experience can contribute would be much
>> appreciated. I will send her to this chat board so that she can stop
>> feeling crazy and so alone. Thanks for being here.
>> --
>> Marilyn - concerned mother

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